The sino-peptide Biology - Shandong University Research and development team cooperation exchange meeting was held smoothly

2020-08-14 12:09:52

On May 28, 2020, "Shandong Hanpeptide Biomedicine Co., LTD. - Shandong University Research and Development Team Cooperation Exchange Meeting", sponsored by Shandong Hanpeptide Biomedicine Co., LTD., was successfully held in Zibo Biomedical Research Institute.

Wang Fengshan, President of Zibo Biomedical Research Institute, Xu Dong, vice President of Zibo Biomedical Research Institute, Professor Tan Haining, Professor Peng Peng, Associate Professor Zhang Xinke, Researcher Li Tianlu, General Manager Yin Shiqing of Shandong Hanpeptide Biomedical Co., LTD, and Hanpeptide R&D team attended this meeting.

At the meeting, the two sides had in-depth communication on the project approval and application of a class of innovative drugs, the company's existing polypeptide drug production and the functional evaluation of the r&d products, etc. The two sides agreed to realize resource sharing and carry out cooperative research under the framework of the Research Institute.

Among them, President Wang Fengshan proposed that under the general direction of industry-Academia-research, both sides should conduct detailed communication on their respective R&D projects, analyze and discuss specific problems, and regularly carry out seminars or video conferences for communication.At the same time, Wang also believes that enterprises and schools should actively cooperate with the government and make joint declaration for some projects, so as to promote the cooperation between the two sides.

During this period, President Wang Fengshan, Vice President Xu Dong and the r&d team of Shandong University visited the R&D center of Shandong Hanpeptide Biomedicine Co., LTD.

After the meeting, President Wang and his delegation went to the office area of Hanpeptide Biology Chuangzhi Valley to have a talk with Li Zhenyu, executive vice President of Dezhan Health and chairman of Hanpeptide Biology, and had an in-depth communication and exchange on talent training and the future development of the enterprise.

Dean Wang said that he had a detailed understanding of the industry of Hanpeptide Biology through this meeting, and hoped to deepen the docking and cooperation through this meeting, integrate talents, technology, industry, market, capital and other resources of Hanpeptide Biology and Shandong University, so as to realize resource sharing and promote win-win development.


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