"Shandong University-Hanpeptide Biotechnology Research Institute" was established to achieve win-win cooperation and empower talents

2020-08-14 12:09:26

Based on the principle of "complementary advantages, mutual benefit, serving local communities and common development", Shandong Hanpeptide Biomedical Co., Ltd. and Shandong University reached an agreement on long-term cooperation between industry, universities and research institutes and the joint construction of "Shandong University-Hanpeptide Biotechnology Research Institute", so as to realize resource sharing and carry out cooperative research under the framework of the Institute.

       To han peptides based on the technology support and link, biological research and development center - han peptide biological technology research institute of shandong university will integrate han peptide biology and shandong university of talent, technology, industry, market, capital and other resources, and numerous medical scientific research platform advantage, cooperate around design and innovative drug screening technology research and development.It mainly includes the development of innovative drugs for immunomodulatory regulation, innovative drugs for the treatment of multi-drug resistant bacterial infection, glP-1 innovative drugs, etc.Research and development centering on the design and application of anti-aging products, mainly including external products to prevent skin aging and the development of health care food and drugs to prevent the aging of human body function, so as to jointly contribute to promoting the cause of national health.


Shandong Hanpeptide Biomedicine Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the development of biological polypeptide drugs, mainly engaged in the design, production and sales of new gene recombinant polypeptide drugs, mainly based in Zibo Biomedical Research Institute of Shandong University.The company has a first-class research and development team composed of overseas returnees and domestic leaders, and has launched substantial technical cooperation with well-known universities at home and abroad, with a r&d base of 2,000 square meters, and has now set up and completed gene editing, enzyme engineering, polypeptide high-throughput synthesis and quality management and control laboratory.Based on the design and synthesis of active peptides, combined with advanced synthetic biology technology, the research, development and production of gene recombinant peptide drugs and new antibody drugs are realized.It is committed to the research and development of drugs for major diseases such as diabetes, tumors, cardiovascular diseases and drug-resistant bacterial infections.The projects under development by the peptide R&D Department of the company include small molecule peptide Sting activator to fight cancer by enhancing its own immunity, and a class of new drug candidates such as novel anticancer - polypeptide radioactive element complex targeting to kill tumor cells.Through years of accumulation, the company now has more than 20 first-line polypeptide drugs mature production process, Terley vasopressin and its injection will be submitted to the new drug registration application, ciconorin and linalotide will be submitted to the clinical application;At the same time, the company also developed 30 kinds of beauty peptide raw material production technology, ready for entering the "light medical beauty" market;The Biological research and development Division has set up a platform for the research and development of recombinant polypeptide drugs and a screening platform for new anti-tumor drugs.The fermentation process of polyglutamic acid and jiejiu bacteria has been developed, and another GLP-1 analogue project has completed the screening of strains and is undergoing the screening of fermentation process. The biological fermentation product base has been signed and set up in The High-tech Zone of East China Sea, Jiangsu Province. The company has applied for 8 invention patents.

About Shandong University

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 Shandong university, by directly under the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China, the central straight level organizational system, at the top of the "211 project", "985 project", "the world first-class university and the first-class discipline", included in the "2011 plan", "Everest plan", "111" plan, education to cultivate outstanding engineers plan, outstanding doctor education training plan, outstanding legal talent education program, university of national construction high level professional graduate programs, new technical research and practice project, the Chinese government scholarship students receiving institutions in China, the Ministry of Education demonstration base of the students, independent degree authorization audit unit,As a member of the Global Alliance of Energy Internet Universities, It is a comprehensive national key university.

       Shandong university as a national "double top" key construction of colleges and universities, the medical discipline originated in 1864, the higher medical education in modern China, has a long history and good research foundation and the industry-university-institute cooperation foundation, in medicine, pharmacy, teacher force strong, platform obvious advantages, formed a distinctive world-class medical discipline system.


     Taking "Shandong University-Hanpeptide Biotechnology Research Institute" as the carrier, Hanpeptide Biology will set up scholarship in Shandong University, and give priority to subsidizing outstanding graduates who are interested in working in Hanpeptide biology after graduation, so as to deliver blood for the sustainable development of enterprises.At the same time, Shandong University aims to cultivate talents through enterprise feedback and needs. Combined with market orientation, shandong University pays attention to students' practical skills and cultivates more talents needed by the society.The cooperation between the two sides is a "win-win" cooperation. It is of great significance to economic and social development that the two sides support each other, infiltrate into each other, complement each other's advantages, utilize resources mutually, share benefits and jointly cultivate professional talents.

     The establishment of Shandong University-Hanpeptide Biotechnology Research Institute will further facilitate the development of Hanpeptide biotechnology, marking another solid step towards the company's goal of "becoming the world's first-class supplier of gene recombination drugs".


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