Based on the principle of "complementary advantages, mutual benefits, serving local communities and common development", Hanpeptide Biomedical Group Co., Ltd. and Shandong University reached an agreement on long-term cooperation between industry, universities and research institutes and the joint construction of "Shandong University-Hanpeptide Biotechnology Research Institute", so as to realize resource sharing and carry out cooperative research under the framework of the Institute.To han peptides based on the technology support and link, biological research and development center - han peptide biological technology research institute of shandong university will integrate han peptide biology and shandong university of talent, technology, industry, market, capital and other resources, and numerous medical scientific research platform advantage, cooperate around design and innovative drug screening technology research and development.The research direction of the research institute mainly includes the development of innovative drugs for immunomodulatory regulation, innovative drugs for the treatment of multi-drug resistant bacteria infection, glP-1 innovative drugs, etc.Research and development centering on the design and application of anti-aging products, mainly including external products to prevent skin aging and the development of health care food and drugs to prevent the aging of human body function, so as to jointly contribute to promoting the cause of national health.

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