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Shanghai Tianshan Wool Tex Stock Co., Ltd., has successfully listed its Shares in Shanghai A-share index (Stock code: 000813).The company is committed to the research and development of human life sciences;It focuses on cardiovascular and cerebrovascular drugs, anticancer and tumor drugs, health products, functional drinks, ecological water and other fields.Its subsidiary jia Lin pharmaceutical development potential is huge, is a well-known pharmaceutical enterprises, the company take advantage of research and development, optimize the structure of composite products, according to the product development needs, the introduction of meet the demand of various dosage form production line, increase injection, biological pharmacy, traditional Chinese medicine preparation, and other products, seize the development of generic drugs to market development opportunities, both at home and abroad to seek common name pharmaceutical preparations products in the overseas market development, build, exhibition brand value of health.As a leading stock in the concept of big health, its market value had exceeded 30 billion yuan by the end of March 2019.

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