Director of preparation

1. Participate in project approval evaluation of the company and provide technical support;

2. Determine the specific project development plan for the approved preparation projects;

3. Ensure that the preparation r&d project is completed on schedule and meets the requirements of relevant regulations; be responsible for reviewing project documents: original records, small trial reports, large trial reports, process verification scheme/application, registration documents, etc.;

4. Responsible for the industrialization transfer of the approved preparation varieties, and ensure the industrialization process of the preparation projects completed in time and meet the standards;

5. Ensure that the operation of the preparation laboratory complies with the safety regulations and specific requirements formulated by the company;

6. Arrange the training plan for team members to complete the cultivation of talent echelon;

7. Ensure the effectiveness of the product development process and compliance with regulations through system, science, personnel and continuous process improvement, and comply with the company's product development strategy.

Job specification:

1. Master degree or above, major in pharmaceutical preparation;

2. More than 5 years experience in pharmaceutical product development and management of development team;

3. Proficient in preparation technology development and transfer process;

4. Familiar with the knowledge and characteristics of API and quality research;

5. Proficient in the knowledge and skills of liquid preparation development;

6. Familiar with the production environment, process and cooperation between departments.

Contact phone number:Manager zhang, 13070653203


Group Quality Director

1. According to the requirements of the group's overall strategic planning, organize the formulation of the group's quality management work plan, and supervise its implementation;

2. Formulated and implemented the group's quality system and other work to ensure that the GROUP's GMP quality management system meets the requirements;

3. Established and improved the group's quality management system and system process, supervised its implementation, and continued to revise and optimize it;

4. Responsible for the GSP quality operation, r&d quality operation, and product quality management of listed drug holders;

5. Guided and supervised the quality operation of each production base of the group and the planning and actual completion of the quality part of the R&D projects undertaken by each base;

6. Review and approve the response mechanism of external drug sampling test;

7. Responsible for the implementation of supplier audit.

Job specification:

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in medicine or pharmacy;

2. More than 10 years relevant working experience in pharmaceutical enterprises, at least 5 years quality management experience;

3. Experience in biological research and development and FDA project certification is preferred;

4. Earnest, rigorous, strong sense of responsibility, good communication and coordination ability, strong innovation and improvement ability.

Contact phone number:Manager zhang, 13070653203


CEO assistant

1. Cooperate with THE CEO to manage GMP quality system;

2. Assisted the CEO in the operation of the company and the management of various functional departments, assisted in the formulation and promotion of the supervision and management of various functions, and maintained the normal operation of the internal management system;

3. In the absence of THE CEO, he/she basically transmits the power on behalf of him/her;

4. Connect with functional departments to continuously improve the process and optimize energy;

5. Assisted THE CEO in formulating the company's development strategic plan, annual work plan, business plan and business development plan;

6. During the absence of THE CEO, supervise and report to the CEO on production plans, budgets, recruitment and other production activities;

7. Responsible for the formulation and decomposition of the company's project promotion, outreach plans, performance targets and cost and profit targets, as well as promotion, implementation and presentation;

8. Submit the company's development status report and development plan report;

9. Cooperate with THE CEO to participate in important business negotiations.

Job specification:

1. Master degree in finance, law, Chemistry, Biology and pharmacy;

2. Fluent oral and written English;

3. More than 10 years working experience in pharmaceutical management, pharmacy and pharmaceutical business is preferred;

4. Basic understanding of the biomedical industry;

5. Familiar with company management process, have basic knowledge of investment, financing and law.

Contact phone number:Manager zhang, 13070653203


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