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Hantide Biomedical Group Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the development of synthetic biology technology. It is mainly engaged in the design, production and sales of new gene recombinant peptide drugs. The company has more than 6000 square meters of scientific research centers in Shandong, Tianjin and Jiangsu. The production bases of Gaoqing in Zibo and Lianyungang in Jiangsu cover an area of 80000 square meters. It has a first-class R & D team composed of returnees and domestic leaders, and has completed the laboratory of gene editing, enzyme engineering, high-throughput peptide synthesis, quality management and control. Based on the rational design of drugs, combined with advanced synthetic biological technology, the "green intelligent manufacture" of recombinant peptide drugs, new antibody drugs and active small molecular compounds is realized.

At present, the company has more than 40 technical R & D personnel, and has "two institutes, three centers and three project production bases": Shandong University hantide Biotechnology Research Institute, hantide biology Suzhou Research Institute (in preparation), pharmaceutical R & D Center (Shandong hantide biomedical Co., Ltd. Zibo Branch), marketing center and support center, and Huantai Yimei project production base (Shandong hantide Yimei Biotechnology) Ltd.), Gaoqing project production base and Jiangsu Donghai project production base (Jiangsu hantide biomedical Co., Ltd.).

In order to accelerate the R & D and transformation of scientific and technological achievements, the company has actively established close cooperation with well-known universities at home and abroad. In March 2020, the company jointly established "Shandong University - Institute of peptide biology" with Shandong University. Wang Fengshan, Professor of Shandong University, deputy director of national sugar Engineering Center and President of Zibo Institute of biology, Shandong University, is the president of the Institute, focusing on the Department of Endocrinology Research and development of innovative new drugs for diseases, tumors, cardiovascular diseases, drug-resistant bacteria infection and other major diseases. The pharmaceutical R & D Center (Zibo Branch of Shandong hantide biomedical Co., Ltd.) is mainly engaged in the development of polypeptide drugs with good market prospects and great social benefits. At present, it has completed the pharmaceutical data research of several generic drug projects and is applying for registration. Medical beauty product development center (Shandong Han peptide medical beauty Biotechnology Co., Ltd.) focuses on the development of functional biological products and cosmetic peptide raw materials, and a new microbial preparation with health care functions. Now, it has developed a series of medical products, including freeze dried powder series, cream series and cold compress paste, and has been put into the market. Its efficacy is obvious and widely favored by the market.

Based on the concept of developing biotechnology and maintaining human health, and based on the application of advanced technology in pharmaceutical industry, the group realizes the green production of new biological medicine, provides high-quality products and professional services for customers, and escorts people's health.

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