Jiangsu Hantide Biomedical Co.,Ltd.


Jiangsu Hanpeptide Biomedicine Co., LTD., registered by Hanpeptide Biomedicine Group Co., LTD., is located in Donghai County, Lianyungang, the bridgehead of the beautiful and rich Eurasian continent.The company's business scope includes dairy production, food production, beverage production, bio-based material technology research and development, fermentation process optimization technology research and development, bio-based material manufacturing, food business export, etc.We adhere to the development of biotechnology, the maintenance of human health business philosophy, used as the standard of medicine to make food.Attach importance to product research and development, have a professional research and development team, keep up with the pace of The Times, constantly bring forth the new, to meet customer needs, based on the application of advanced technology in the pharmaceutical industry, to achieve the green production of new healthy food, for the people's healthy life escort!

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