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Hantide biological marketing company, located in Chuangzhi Valley, Huantai, Zibo City, Shandong Province, is a diversified brand marketing planning company integrating market planning, brand promotion and product marketing. It consists of raw materials business group, antialcoholic peptide business group, medical and American business group, international trade group, comprehensive management group, business customer service group and market planning group.

As a sales branch of a science and technology R & D enterprise, the most important value of the marketing center is to become a bridge between consumers and scientific and technological achievements. The company aims to use the advanced brand positioning and management theory to formulate a complete brand strategy for the products of the group company, and at the same time, implement strong marketing promotion.

Medical Aesthetics is mainly responsible for the sales of our skin care brand "Hanhui". Han Hui is a health care brand developed by our company in collaboration with the bio laboratory established by Huantai creative valley. It has all kinds of facial mask, essence, cold pack and other products. With active peptide as the core component, Hanhui brand is committed to bring a younger future for more users relying on Zibo Biomedical Research Institute of Shandong University. With the power of science and technology, Hanhui has entered the market strongly with its unique small molecular active peptide ingredients and natural plant extract formula, with obvious efficacy, and is highly favored.

The raw material line is responsible for the sales of raw materials developed by our pharmaceutical R & D center and Gaoqing project production base. Thanks to the penetration of exquisite life concept and the increasingly prominent demand for beauty of residents, the Chinese medical and aesthetic market has grown rapidly, with an annual growth rate of about 30%. The rapid expansion of the medical beauty market has led to the development of the medical and American raw material market. Our company has followed the market step closely, and the raw materials such as Tripeptide-1 and conus anti wrinkle factor have been widely praised once they are put into the market.

Our company's self-developed anti alcohol beverage brand "Ruyin Fangxing" is nearing the end of production, and it will be sold by the marketing center's dealcoholic peptide line. It can improve the degradation rate of alcohol in human body and effectively eliminate the symptoms of drunkenness headache.

Foreign trade line is responsible for the export trade of all medical devices of our company. The development of medical devices is strongly related to the overall development of the medical and health industry. The development of the medical and health industry is relatively less affected by the economic cycle, and the industry is relatively stable. Foreign trade line has high-quality sales staff, can quickly and timely respond to customer demand and provide high cost-effective products.

Hantide biological Group Co., Ltd. is a platform company integrating R & D, production and sales in the whole industry chain, in which the marketing center is an indispensable part. In the future, HTP marketing center will usher in a period of rapid development. Relying on the company's excellent technical support, we will not forget our original intention and continue to export high-quality products to the market. "Excellent quality, scientific and standardized, sunshine sales, global service" business philosophy, is our eternal commitment to the majority of customers, we will spare no effort to create a more professional brand, and make greater contributions to the cause of human health and beauty.

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